A Series of Unfortunate Events (well, mostly)

Today we went out for a brisk walk to one of the piers that are close to the house. We walked down the pier to find some fisherman  catching bait. Here’s a picture or two:

Fishermen and their nets

Bait – poor little fish !

And after seeing this I felt sad for the poor little fish, so i’m not eating fish for a week! (except for tuna)

As we were walking back we passed my dad on his bike:


I decided to hitchhike.

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Rainy Days

Today it was raining a lot and after it rained me and my mom went to explore.

Here are some of the things we found:

Undersea CIty

See it looks kind of like an under sea city!

George the Pelican

This is George the pelican and I named him because I keep seeing him in this area.

Big Puddle – yes it rained!

Aside from pelicans we also found some very big puddles.

Bird Bath

And a few bathing birds!

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Fred the Iguana

Yesterday an iguana showed up on our door step and I named him Fred. Here is a picture:

Fred basking in the sun

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Dachshund Parade

I went to a dachshund parade on New Year’s Eve. There were almost two-hundred dogs walking including some of my favorites. Here are a few:

Lobster Dog

Dog Pilots


Turtle Dachshund

It was a truly cute parade, the dogs walked a whole block including Duval St.

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Hello 2011!

Welcome to 2011 and my new blog.

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