So after a total of 4 hours and questioning my love for cream puffs, I ended up with this:

After following the only recipe I could find that seemed to be of any decency I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, seeing as even Pinterest was bereft of its usual plethora of recipes.

The process was pretty simple, first, make some cream puffs with choux pastry and question your life choices.

Despite following the least amount of time given by the recipe, the puffs managed to burn a little bit on the bottom. Though the second batch was much more successful.

Then came the dreaded custard. Despite initially being comprised of bubbles it eventually came together.Having substituted the vanilla bean for ½ teaspoon of orange extract and ½ a teaspoon of vanilla extract made the custard far more interesting and less expensive. Vanilla beans cost like 13 dollars. There was no way.

Finally, it came time to assemble the monstrosity, which only left me with one small sugar burn.  It doesn’t matter what the recipe says. Use tongs not your fingers for dipping the cream puffs. Spun sugar, apparently actually needs to be done in a circular motion, otherwise it just looks like little dots of caramel.

Getting the sugar onto the stack of cream puffs is best done while its still slightly warm, that way there’s something to adhere it. Which takes it from this:

To this:

In the end, was it worth the 4 hours?

No, not really, it doesn’t fit in the fridge.


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