Princess Cake (prinsesstårta)

A friend of mine (whose parents are Swedish) recently lamented that she could not find a decent Princess Cake. So naturally, I decided to give it a try.

The first hurdle seemed to be the custard. As the recipe stated that using a metal implement to stir it could lead to a grey color, I opted to use the potato masher since it was the closest thing to a whisk that wasn’t made out of metal.

Evidently that was a flawed plan. So I tried again with an actual whisk.

Much less eggy. Likely far more palatable as well.

The most difficult part about the cakes was figuring out how to separate them evenly for layering, which was surprisingly less disastrous than expected.

Then came the assembly, which was also pleasantly successful.

Covering with the marzipan proved to be a bit of a challenge, though with a great deal of concern from the onlooking parties (who had gathered, no doubt to watch the moment of great peril) it was managed.

Though there is no documentation of it, the cake was split in half to showcase the many layers. Opting to keep a section for my family to try, the other half was later delivered to my friend, who decided, that it was worthy of the title, ‘Princess Cake’ and then attempted to convince me to make another one.

The recipe:

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