Birds Milk Cake (Ptichye Moloko)

If pure chaos existed in cake form, it would be this.

While the batter itself was simple to make, baking it was an ordeal.

It baked quickly, which was good, considering the first batch didn’t come out right.

Although therecipe said it would spread on its own, it definitely needed some help. Luckily, the next set worked out much better.

Then it was time to go onto the filling. Which was an odd combination of egg whites, butter, condensed milk, and gelatin.

There had been a few missteps, though the final product was mostly unharmed, the gelatin just needed a bit longer to set before the second cake could be placed on top.

Once the cakes had been layered and the gelatin mixture ceased its escape attempts, the cake was covered in chocolate and powdered sugar (though the sugar melted in the chocolate rapidly). And voila! A really complicated cake that dates back to the USSR.

Sadly, as this cake was for a friend of mine (a huge fan of Russian history) I never got to try it. However, I was later informed that it was confusing, but good.

The recipe:

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