I doubt I’ve ever come to despise a dessert more.

After following this recipe given to me by a friend:

I can say that I well and truly do not like cannoli.

Things started out fine.

The dough was simple enough to make, despite the rather terrible instructions. While it sat in the fridge for two hours, I contemplated how exactly, I was planning on frying it.

Once I began to roll the dough after a two hour wait I came to the realization that it was the sort to spring back to its original form, causing the flattening process to be far more involved than I would have hoped.

Then came the cooking. The original plan to fry the cannoli in boiling oil failed miserably and was quickly deemed extremely dangerous. Not to mention, the product was ridiculously unappealing.

A decision to try baking them also proved to be a failure.

So, knowing that they needed to be fried and that the maintenance of the rolled shape was the root of the issue, a move was made to fry them flat.

This quickly proved to be very successful, as the dough puffed up and became hollow in the center, providing a place for the filling to go.

Though I forgot to take a picture of the filling, it wasn’t very appetizing.

The final result was slightly lack-luster, and ended up being heavily modified cannoli.

In the end, the recipient was pleased with the outcome, and I came to know quite a bit more about how not to fry things.

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