4 Layered Cake

This cake was not supposed to have four layers, though perhaps if I had read the instructions first, I would have known that. The plan had been simple, a layer of rose water  flavored cake, and a layer of orange blossom.


The batter was the same for each, just with different flavoring.  However, each sort of batter yielded two layers instead of one.

The result being this monstrosity of poor decoration. Additionally, the majority of the flavor in the cakes stemmed from the flavored simple syrup, something I was unaware one could have too much of, which resulted in a very sweet cake. 

All in all, the flavors came through well and the fondant was sturdy enough to help the gargantuan thing hold its shape.

The Recipe: https://www.yummly.com/recipe/Rose-water-glitter-cake-334525?prm-v1

Marshmallow Fondant: http://www.wilton.com/rolled-marshmallow-fondant/WLRECIP-242.html


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