Maker Faire New York 2017

This Sunday was the Maker Faire in New York. When I was still homeschooled, my family attended one of these in Austin and another in San Diego. Naturally, I was excited by the prospect of seeing how it has developed over the years and the differences that being in a different state makes.

Immediately upon arriving, and much to my delight, I managed to find some rockets.

The drone racing competitions were also very interesting to watch.

There were also lots of intriguing exhibits inside the main building, mixed with various things that were already a part of the museum that encompassed them.

The highlight was definitely the miniature car racing. The concept is that old kiddy cars that have been sold cheaply on eBay are re-made into racers. Although very cool to watch, my curiosity primarily lies in the designs of the cars.

Should the opportunity arise, I’d be thrilled to help build one of these, and even more so to race it.

As a whole, the Maker Faire was very exciting with a plethora of thought provoking pieces, along with many that simply served to amuse.

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