Apple Picking

The trees finally decided to catch up with the time of year, providing beautiful scenery in which to pick apples.

After quite a bit of scouring to find the best place to go, as there are many orchards to choose from, my mom and I concluded on Blue Jay Orchards, as it had come highly recommended by her colleagues.

Unlike the last time we had gone apple picking, there were many trees still full of fruit, and it didn’t look like a deserted grocery store right before a huge storm. There were many wasps hanging about the trees, though the fermented apples they had been eating were enough to keep them at bay.

After picking the apples, we headed to the farm store before going home. The apple juice was arguably some of the best I’ve ever had, and the apple fritter was certainly better than the ones from Starbucks.

As we are running out of the apples so quickly, it’s entirely possible we’ll have to go back and see what sort you can pick later in the year.

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