Coffee Mousse Roll Cake

The same friend that requested the princess cake last year had her birthday this weekend. However, this year I was given less guidance as to what she wanted, the only hints I was given being “coffee and vanilla” and upon finding recipes that would fulfill this, I created something to match her request.

Opting to create a mousse roll cake, I found a suitable recipe for the mousse. Having a pretty bad track record with getting mousse to set, I was careful to find one carrying similarities to custard, something I have become comfortable with making.

First the eggs had to be separated and beaten until pale, a more exhausting task than I had anticipated.

Then the cooking came, to ensure the eggs weren’t raw and that the gelatin would dissolve.

Setting it on the side for an hour to cool while the cake was made caused me to be a bit apprehensive, as I was worried it wouldn’t set.

After cooling and combining with the whipped cream, the mousse luckily held its shape and wasn’t too runny for the cake’s filling.

A bit of yolk must have gotten into the whites while I was separating the eight eggs, so the whites didn’t quite whip right, but still gained enough air that it didn’t have to be redone.

Folding together the yolk and flour mixture with the whites proved to be quite the task, as too much force could have taken out the air and made the cake more dense.

There was an attempt at an abstract design to add a bit more color, but the cake was rolled up the wrong way, so it ended up on the inside. It was still a pretty cake none the less.

I was told it also tasted pretty good, though the amount of coffee did lead to my friend becoming even more hyper than usual. Luckily her mom let me take a picture of the cake before it was totally consumed.

Mousse recipe:

Roll cake recipe:


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