One Key (2019 GMTK Game Jam) – August

A game made in 48 hours following the theme of “Only One” where the player is only given one key and must decide when, if at all, to use it. I contributed the programing, design, and music. The art is by Emma Clay.

Using Unity 2D and C#

Play the game:

See the code: GitHub

Programming in Java Coursework – January-March

A game developed using knowledge from the course. The instructors gave a simple template with basic player movement and collection capability, from which each student developed a different game. I added multiple extra levels, enemies, and other features to improve the quality of gameplay. As this was my first time making a code based project, I learned a lot about the importance of planning and testing, and that I’m bad at platformers even if I’m the one who made it, lessons that benefitted me on my next project. I do not own any of the assets used, they belong to their respective owners.

See the code: GitHub